African Press Agencies Meet in Morocco

The second General Assembly of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA) opened on Thursday in Casablanca, Morocco. The organization allows members to better communicate and assess their actions and for peer review. [...] FAAPA is waxing stronger day by day and that African news agencies need more transfers of information and technology.

Tags: africa, african press agencies (FAAPA), morocco, international broadcasting, media, technology, information strategy, strategic partnerships

The Effectiveness of the Chinese Cultural Centers & Confucius Institutes

In an effort to increase China’s culture-focused soft power and to secure an international environment conducive to its development and to generate goodwill abroad alongside its economic rise, Confucius Institutes were established as part of China’s "going out" strategy. [...] What has attracted far less attention but plays the same role is the China Cultural Center under the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Tags: china, cultural centers, confucius institutes, Cultural Diplomacy, cultural exchange, smart & soft power, education, multiculturalism

Software as an Instrument of Soft Power

India has appreciable soft power from spiritual philosophies to Bollywood movies to food to yoga to cultural imprints in South East Asia. Not to forget India as the clichéd “world’s largest democracy” [...] Or does it? The 2015 “The Soft Power 30” a global ranking of soft power by ComResGlobal doesn’t seem to think so – India isn’t in the top 30 countries with soft power.

Tags: india, south east asia, digital diplomacy & new tech, smart & soft power, software, global influence, advocacy, trade

Zimbabwe's Brand Imaging Needs Proper Management

Zimbabwe needs to manage its brand imaging properly as this has a huge bearing on the country's ability to attract investment and developing its economy, a senior Government official said. [...] Why manage the country's image? We cannot afford to be isolated, we are a global player. That means countries are competing. 

Tags: zimbabwe, africa, nation branding, government pd, international image, trade, international investment, economic development, tourism

President Obama on U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts

From the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the emergence of ISIL, to the importance of diplomacy and global development, President Obama outlined actions he took as Commander-in-Chief and the lessons that can be drawn from this approach.

Tags: President Barack Obama, united states, counterterrorism, conflict solution, national security, global development

IFFAM: Macao Festival Opens Door for Cultural Exchange

“Macao is a place where cultures from the East and West are orchestrated into a beautiful symphony. […] The synergy between culture and tourism enriches visitors’ experience in Macao, and steers the tourism industry and the cultural and creative industry towards sustainable development, ultimately supporting Macao’s quest to become a world center of tourism and leisure,” said Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, president of the festival organizing committee.

Tags: macao festival, macao, cultural exchange, Cultural Diplomacy, china, south korea, tourism, film diplomacy, international film festival

China ‘Willing to Work with Trump on Cybersecurity’

China’s top security official has informed Washington that Beijing is looking forward to working with the Trump administration on cybersecurity, a delicate and thorny issue in China-US ties, state media reported. [...] Public Security Minister Guo said cybersecurity cooperation had become “a new highlight in bilateral relations” between the US and China after Xi and Obama created a mechanism for the two nations to discuss crimes in cyberspace.

Tags: china, Donald Trump, cybersecurity, united states, cyber attack, us-china relations, government pd, Digital Diplomacy & New Technology

‘Secret Diplomacy’ Behind the Heart of Asia Conference

Overtly member states of the Heart of Asia Conference emphasized upon regional peace and stability, especially in Afghanistan, but, covertly US-led secret diplomacy prevailed over the moot. It was owing to such a strategy and American influence that the member delegates appreciated India’s constructive role in supporting Afghanistan and its people for the past decade and half.

Tags: secret diplomacy, government pd, kazakhstan, pakistan, russia, saudi arabia, tajikistan, turkey, turkmenistan, united arab emirates, counter-terrorism, united states


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