Trump's Brave New World of Twitter Diplomacy

Building the systems and structures to manage that, particularly in managing a potentially messy and dangerous confrontation in the Baltic states or South China Sea, is going to be a challenge. Other more subtle forms of communication -- unacknowledged direct telephone calls, messages delivered through spies, envoys and allies -- have also not gone away. But they will now be taking place at the same time as what could be frantic social media changes. 


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How Human Rights Diplomacy Turns Into Real Change

“Human rights” can sound like an abstraction, something spoken of only at the highest levels of government. But the work governments do on human rights has consequences and can even make the difference between life and death. As we celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10, we look at how international campaigns in four human rights areas improved the lives of people around the world.

Tags: human rights, human rights diplomacy, human rights day, LGBTI, global aid & development, religious freedom, labor rights, international campaign

The Business of U.S. Economic Diplomacy in Asia

The outcome of the U.S. election has created considerable uncertainty at the country’s future policy directions towards the Asia Pacific. While it is difficult to predict how U.S. economic diplomacy in the region will change [...]. As a general rule, the United States has had more care for the development of the international system of global trade and investment than many other countries. 

Tags: united states, asia pacific, global trade, government pd, economic diplomacy, regional security, global power, smart & soft power

A Japanese Doll’s Message of Goodwill Survived Pearl Harbor

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, museum directors across the nation had a decision to make: Should they continue to exhibit the Japanese Friendship Dolls given to the United States by the children of Japan 14 years earlier? It is thought that only one, Harry Davis of the N.C. State Museum, chose to leave the elegantly dressed, handmade wooden doll at his museum on display.

Tags: japan, united states, Cultural Diplomacy, pearl harbor, history & theory, doll diplomacy, cultural exchange, japanese friendship dolls

5 Takeaways from Australia's Returned Volunteer Conference

Australia has a 64-year history of utilising volunteers in its aid program that has inspired similar programs in New Zealand, Canada and the United States, according to the Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells. Still, the Australian Volunteers for International Development program is just a small piece of Australia’s aid program. 

Tags: australia, global aid & development, international exchange, volunteering, world vision, cross cultural dialogue

DFA Launches “A Handbook On Philippine Public Diplomacy”

“A Handbook on Philippine Public Diplomacy” is a compilation of articles written by active public diplomacy practitioners. As a pioneering work, the articles contain first-hand records of experiences in handling various issues in which Philippine diplomats needed to apply public diplomacy skills learned on the ground, such as in nation branding, online engagement, Filipino community relations abroad, and crisis management.

Tags: philippine, pd handbook, nation branding, government pd, international image, online engagement, filipino diaspora, crisis management

Traditional Chinese Medicine is China’s Latest ‘Soft Power’ Weapon

Traditional Chinese medicine is readily identified with China by people overseas, an official said yesterday, opening a possible new avenue for the nation to project soft power around the globe. Wang Guoqiang [...] attributed traditional medicine’s high recognition to the authority’s attention to its development and the increasing recognition of its value by the international community.

Tags: china, chinese medicine, smart & soft power, global health, czech republic, government pd, healthcare

What’s Diaspora Got To Do With It?

Sri Lanka’s diaspora-to-population ratio is known to be one of the highest in the South Asian region. Sri Lanka is now exploring ways to engage its overseas community for future growth and reconciliation. Engaging these stakeholders in development (and ultimately reconciliation) necessarily relies upon sound knowledge of who they are. 

Tags: sri lanka, south asia, diaspora, non state pd, economic development, reconciliation, media, art & culture, interfaith diplomacy


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