Peppa Pig To Boost Australia’s Tourism

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O'Sullivan received the prospect positively that the show will boost Australia's tourism industry. "Our impossibly cute kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, echidnas, and quokkas already do a wonderful job of luring international travelers, but we're delighted to receive a bit of additional animal advocacy from Peppa Pig and her family," he added.

Tags: peppa pig, australia, soft power, tourism, national image, Cultural Diplomacy, national branding, international broadcasting

Campfire Diplomacy in Russian Siberia

The song playing was Taylor Swift’s ode to young adulthood, which is something of an anthem for American millennials. The lyrics transform an unexciting age into an identity, the uncertainty of youth into a celebration. [...] The song set the tone for that night and cemented what became a steadfast friendship among us, students from different continents with traits more different than similar.

Tags: russia, music diplomacy, cultural identity, Cultural Diplomacy, cultural exchange, cultural preservation, bridging cultures

The Great Wall: China Takes on the World with New Matt Damon Film

As Hollywood comes to China in desperate search of new, lucrative audiences, China is desperate to harness something of the elusive magic. If it can build its own film industry, the argument goes, it can use it to develop its so-called "soft power", in the same way US movies have carried American values and norms around the world for a century or more.

Tags: china, soft power, film diplomacy, government pd, us-china relations, cultural exchange, international exchange, Cultural Diplomacy, hollywood

Why Denmark is suffering a branding crisis & what can be done about it

A new report from the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) shows that Danish brands are virtually unknown outside of Denmark and that the problem will hamper the nation’s ability to attract the brightest young minds from abroad.

Tags: denmark, national image, national branding, international exchange, government pd, united states, confederation of danish industry

Mexicans Rethink Relationship with US

Foreign officials in Washington are struggling to get to know the president-elect's transition team and are experiencing a sense of anxiety about the incoming administration. But none of them, as an Obama White House official told me, are as worried as the Mexicans.

Tags: mexico, united states, us-mexico relations, foreign policy, Donald Trump, international relations, enrique pena nieto

State and US Extend One-Year J-1 Programme for Three Years

The J-1 visa programme that allows Irish students work for 12 months in the US is being extended for another three years under a new agreement signed by the Irish Government with the State Department. 


Tags: international exchange, cultural exchange, Cultural Diplomacy, j-1 visa program, irish, united states, government pd, education exchange

The Promise of a Modi-Trump Alliance

Can Donald Trump and Narendra Modi yoke their countries more closely together in a common fight against radical Islam? The early signs look promising, but there’s no guarantee of success. India needs to think more globally about the problem, while the U.S. must pay more attention to India’s regional concerns.

Tags: narendra modi, india, Donald Trump, united states, government pd, bilateral relations, violent extremism, isis, president obama, pakistan

China, Austria Spark 'Young Energy' in Mutual Understanding

A total of 20 young leaders from China and Austria have engaged in close discussions and exchanges in a four-day agenda from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries. [...] Revolving around topics including cultural inheritance and China-EU interconnectivity, delegates from the two sides have engaged in lively discussions.

Tags: china, austria, european union, international exchange, non state pd, cross cultural dialogue, belt and road initiative, education, trade


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