Art & Culture vs Extremism in Arab World

Promoting culture is imperative for Arabs given the destruction of, and war on, culture launched by extremist and terrorist groups in the Middle East/North Africa region, said Sultan Al Qassemi. [...] Al Qassemi spoke on the Arab world’s rich history in culture, and promoted the notion of cultural diplomacy, but admitted funding in general remained a hindrance to supporting the arts.

Tags: Cultural Diplomacy, cultural exchange, arts and culture, arab art, arab gulf, extremism

Maize Diplomacy

The shared South African-Mexican craving for maize was deliciously apparent when City Press and the Soweto Hotel introduced Mexican restaurateur and culinary star Abigail Mendoza to Madiba’s longstanding personal chef Xoliswa Ndoyiya. Tasked with making maize-based meals that reflected their respective culinary cultures, these queens of traditional flavour went to work to create magnificent mealie dishes.

Tags: maize diplomacy, gastro diplomacy, culinary diplomacy, cross-cultural exchange, mexico, south africa, culinary art

Want to Ease Tensions in the Middle East? Science Diplomacy Can Help

Science diplomacy can of course help countries solve on-the-ground challenges and improve standards of living for their citizens. But it can also lay groundwork for improving relations in a region often defined by tension (if not outright conflict) through functional, scientific cooperation that is less politicized.

Tags: middle east, science diplomacy, shuttle diplomacy, conflict solution, scientific cooperation, science and technology, peace

Who’s Afraid of a Little Russian Propaganda?

First Amendment, propaganda will automatically enter the media equation. We need to combat it the way we combat all bad ideas: with our vigilance and wit, knowing that we can’t ever completely expunge it from the atmosphere. [...] By our best non-hysterical efforts, refuting propaganda with the diligence we fight cockroaches, we can hope to reduce propaganda’s effect to that of background radiation. The truth loses battles but never the war.

Tags: russia, russian propaganda, disinformation, propaganda, counter-propaganda, information warfare, international broadcasting, history & theory

In Miami’s Little Haiti, a Fair Spotlights Artists of the African Diaspora

Now in its fourth year, the Prizm Art Fair is the only Art Basel Miami Beach satellite fair dedicated to showcasing artists from the African Diaspora — whether underrepresented or already well-established. Founded and directed by Mikhaile Solomon, Prizm allows for cultural exchange and the representation of forgotten histories. 

Tags: miami, little haiti, haiti, african diaspora, Prizm Art Fair, cultural exchange, art diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, historical memory

There’s No Going Back: The World is Acting on Climate Change

A diverse group of global stakeholders -- businesses, national governments, non-profits and universities, and so many others -- are embracing the transition away from carbon intensive energy and toward an economy built on clean energy technologies.

Tags: energy issues, united states, climate change, global aid & development, UN climate convention, global community, Paris Agreement, government pd, non-profit organization

Why Donald Trump's Taiwan Call Changes Everything

Beijing today lodged a formal protest with the U.S. because President-elect Donald Trump, bypassing established diplomatic channels, spoke to Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen yesterday by telephone. [...] “During the discussion, they noted the close economic, political, and security ties exists between Taiwan and the United States,” notes the readout of the Trump transition team of the historic conversation. 

Tags: us-taiwan relations, Donald Trump, united states, taiwan, china, beijing, tsai ing-wen, foreign policy, sovereignty, diplomatic relations

The Chinese Creator of That Most Ubiquitous of American Dishes Has Died

“I think what’s interesting is that it helped contribute to US citizens thinking positively about the cuisines of China,” said Johanna Mendelson Forman, an adjunct professor and researcher of gastrodiplomacy at American University. “In recent years, Chinese regional foods and food waves have become a great interest in Chinese cultural diplomacy.”

Tags: Peng Chang-kuei, sino-american relations, united states, china, Cultural Diplomacy, food diplomacy, gastrodiplomacy


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