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The USC Center on Public Diplomacy (CPD) was established in 2003 as a partnership between the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California. It is a research, analysis and professional education organization dedicated to furthering the study and practice of global public engagement and cultural relations.

Since its inception, CPD has become a productive and recognized leader in the public diplomacy research and scholarship community. Having benefited from international support within academic, corporate, governmental, and public policy circles, it is now the definitive go-to destination for practitioners and international leaders in public diplomacy, while pursuing an innovative and practical research agenda.

In 2008, USC received the Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy from the U.S. State Department in recognition of the university's teaching, training and research in public diplomacy.

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For more information about specific aspects of CPD's work at a glance, see Student Engagement at CPD and CPD's Global Impact.

CPD's Mission

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy seeks to advance and enrich the study and practice of public diplomacy through its research, professional education and public engagement.

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Strategic Priorities

  1. Pursue priority research areas through global network of scholars                                                                              
    Identifying and researching the most vital issues in public diplomacy through a global network of public diplomacy scholars to define the field’s agenda
  2. Transform research into practice                                                                                                                                   
    Exploring ways to transform CPD research into practice so that practitioners and policy-makers from all nations can benefit from the Center’s work
  3. Expand CPD’s focus on digital technology, social media and online content                                                                      
    Expanding the Center’s focus on new media to help strengthen its place as a global leader in the dialogue on public diplomacy
  4. Broaden audience segments both domestically and internationally                                                                            
    Attracting new, young audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be engaged, including a new generation of PD professionals who reflect our nation’s rich diversity, and the international community at large