A U.S. Foreign Service Officer shares how attending CPD’s 2016 Summer Institute impacted her work. 

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30 participants from 9 countries will participate this year.

SI Alum Leslie Thomas has been selected as one of six leaders in the field of community arts to receive a 2015 National Guild Milestone Certificate of Appreciation. 

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SI Class of 2014, Photo courtesy of Neftalie Williams

In July 2014, CPD welcomed a diverse group of participants from a dozen countries including Qatar, Canada, Japan, Israel, Tunisia, Romania, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

CPD Summer Institute Alum Rajesh Mirchandani Published a CPD Perspectives on Britain’s International Broadcasting.

CPD Summer Institute alum Stanislav Saling poses the question: How can the world be kept engaged after Typhoon Haiyan disappears from the news?