regional cooperation

In the future, China, Japan and South Korea should make efforts to improve their relations. First, the three countries should take positive steps to increase regional cooperation and establish mechanisms such as the Free Trade Area and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. This is beneficial to the future development of the three countries

[T]the Pacific Islands Forum's leaders' summit brings together members for political discussions on deeper regional cooperation and integration. And while China has been making friends in the Pacific, Australia has been making enemies.

The focus this year has been selected with the theme of "ASEAN-China education exchange year", Derry added. As such, he said, there will be more efforts to increase cooperation in the education sector, people-to-people exchanges and promoting awareness between the two peoples. 

Asia is looking to complete a major economic agreement by early 2017 that offers the chance to lift its growth closer to potential by locking in domestic reform and liberalisation through regional cooperation. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement is Asia’s response to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and heralds the next phase in Asian economic cooperation. 

Headlines pivoted east in this news roundup with stories on China, Korea and Singapore. 

A new chapter of warm relations has opened between the governments of Tanzania and Rwanda after Tanzanian President John Magufuli officially participated in the 22-year remembrance of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, according to Tanzanian Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga.

After a quarter of a century since the end of the Cold War, many challenges and threats, as well as opportunities today define a transformation process still ongoing at the global level. With its political stability, vibrant economy, young and dynamic population and active diplomacy, Turkey is an emerging powerhouse. (...) On this basis, the four fundamental elements of Turkey’s multi-dimensional foreign policy are; relations with neighbors and nearby basins, opening up to new geographies, effective role in international organizations and platforms and depth in strategic relations.